Kat | Edmonton Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is an experience - for some a wonderful one that they can't wait to experience again and for others one that is a means to an end (morning sickness anyone? ;) ). But I think most everyone can agree women in pregnancy do have a wonderful glow about them and Kat was no exception. This gorgeous woman already had her handsome little one last year but going through files had me wanting to share a couple frames.

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Ellen | Edmonton Pinup Photography

It's always great to work with new talented ladies and Ellen was no exception! She was just as sweet as could be and fantastic in front of the lens. We shot her session back in March but better late than never to the blog, right? ;)

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A Sheer Delight with Miss Chantel | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

Anyone in the vintage/retro scene in Edmonton is sure to have heard of the stunning Chantel. She's modelled for local designers, shot with some amazing photographers and is a walking pinup. I have never seen this gal look less than perfection and she's also as sweet as cherry pie. We had shot together previously for businesses so it was fun to get to photograph her for just fun. She brought a stunning set that she had just gotten from Dottie's Delights which she looked a dream in. Just a few frames from that set I wanted to share with you all!

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Tick Tock Clock Time with Rowena | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

I love new unique locations for shoots. Lucky L'amour has an absolutely amazing home complete with a nifty clock wall as well as what I titled the "Jesus wall". We created some absolutely amazing images for Rowena and had fun doing it (well, at least I did! And that's what matters, right? ;) )

Models: Lucky L'amour + Maila Mustang
Clothing supplied by and shot for: Rowena

Tianda | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

I love having repeat clients. I had the opportunity to photograph this stunning woman's senior images back when she was in grade 12 as well as a boudoir session after she was 18 back when I was located in Drumheller. It was a joy to get to photograph her a couple years later at my little home studio that is now in Edmonton. She is such a dream to photograph, and it was great to shoot a Christmas themed session.

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Festive Fever with Danger De Lux and Meagan | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

Sometimes, I just feel a need to shoot a specific idea. Which can lead to my announcing to my co-workers they will be posing for me. Danger De Lux had been talking about doing a collaboration with her blog for some holiday dress images and when my desire to photograph some Christmas pinups popped into mind I knew she had to pose for me. Add in another gorgeous co-worker Meagan who has been modelling for local designers and it was pretty much a match made in heaven. Danger De Lux helped out with the set by bringing along some Christmasy nicknacks for the TV set and Meagan helped me set up the tree. It was great to finally get to shoot in my home which I am working on having as a home studio (functional yet classy, who wouldn't want that?! Haha) and recently got new pieces for.

And as always a huge shout out to Rowena for having ah-mazing dresses and allowing us to photograph them!

Models: Danger De Lux and Meagan
Make-up + Hair Flowers: Danger De Lux
Hair: Danger De Lux (her own), Safauna (Meagan)
Dresses supplied by: Rowena

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Adeline's Attic | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

What photographer who is a lover of all thing vintage wouldn't love getting to photograph real vintage pieces? Gorgeous gals, stunning location (a house that dates about the 30's near the University here in Edmonton *drool*), and amazing pieces that I honestly felt honoured to even see much less photograph (like 1920's silk. Yea, it happened). And I owe Adeline's Attic all for this wonderful opportunity. Adeline's Attic is a vintage shop that specializes in women's wear from the 20's to the 50's. From furs to girdles, Jill the owner, has you covered. She is extremely knowledgeable and has the best pieces and even better, prices that shock me. Seriously. Slack jawed shock. She loves vintage and it really shows. If you get a chance to look at her shop I highly suggest it!

Thanks for letting me shoot these amazing pieces Jill! And a huge thanks to the mega stunning models Danger De Lux, Chantel, and Áki. You ladies were perfection!

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