Danger De Lux | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

Aside from photography, I have kinda the coolest job in the world working for Rowena. Honestly, it's awesome. I get to work with the coolest people, be around pretty dresses all day, and meet amazing people as well! One of my co-workers is also a rockabilly lifestyle blogger (check out her blog here!). She doesn't just work at a retro store, she lives the life of a pinup. So, one day we decided to shoot some pictures for her blog. It was a lot of fun and great to hang out outside of work (and photographing pretty dresses is basically one of my favourite things!). I know we will definitely be shooting again and I can't wait. But until then, we have these lovely pictures we did back in June! The first two lovely dresses can be found at Rowena. The third is a vintage lovely that has been tucked away for a while now and I think it was super happy to get to be in front of the camera.

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The Moon River Mercantile | Edmonton Pinup Photographer

I love retro. Adore it, really. It's something I've been into and obsessed with since I was little. First room that was ever actually decorated for me? We called it the antique room. What can I say, the obsession started early and has been going strong since. After moving to Edmonton I lucked out in meeting some amazing people and creating some connections that eventually lead to me getting to work with The Moon River Mercantile. We photographed multiple outfits at various locations on different models and it was just heaven. The shop was splendid taking up the back of a house that has been converted for businesses. Racks every where in a complete and utter chaos that when you look closer is actually organized. So many beauties that I wanted to take home with me, but I'll have to return again for my own little shopping spree. We are already talking about setting up another shoot which I am so excited for! But, until that happens I would love to share some of the shots we took back in May.

If you are interested in any of these lovely dresses, or want to see more (oh so many more goodies! Even things for men!) you can find The Moon River Mercantile online here. Now, on with the pictures!

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